Giant ruby sphere
An extra-large sphere made out of solid natural ruby crystal. This is one of the largest ruby spheres currently on the market and because of its unusual size is a very rare sphere indeed. It was hand-ground and polished in India. This extraordinary sphere comes in its own felt-covered wooden box and we also include, free of charge, a black marble stand.
mineral notes
The ancient Sanskrit name for ruby translates as king of precious stones or leader of precious stones and it is one of the oldest gems known to man, long prized for its great hardness and durability and beautiful colours. Some ruby has minute rutile inclusions which are oriented at an angle of 120 degrees from each other in accordance with ruby's hexagonal symmetry. Reflected light from these inclusions can form a six-ray star on the surface of the gem. This highly-prized stone is known as star ruby.
In ancient times ruby was said to preserve its wearer's health, make him invulnerable to wounds, and protect his status and his posessions. The wearing of a ruby was said to signify manhood, nobility and valor in a man, and pride and passion in a woman.

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